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基礎英語3 Review 044 It certainly was a dramatic winter 本当に劇的な冬でした

Mon. We are a modest family

Gary: I haven’t been the TCC factory in a while!

Producer: Their head engineer just manufactured a new product. You’ll be interviewing him for Minnesota Prairie. Oh, here he comes!

Gary: What the ..Takuma?!

Takuma: Gary! So good to see you!

Gary: Wow! Tsutomu never told me you were the head engineer at TCC!

Takuma: We are a modest family. Stay humble..

Gary: .. still number 1! Shall we start the interview?

Takuma: Take it away, Gary.

Q. What does Takuma say when Gray asks to start the interview?
A. “Take it away, Gray.”

Tue. Just you watch!

Tsutomu: Are you ready, Monica?

Monica: I forgot how scary performing can be. Gary told me that I’d take deep breaths before going on stage.

Sarah: That’s great advice.

Monica: I can’t believe how many people there are! The room is packed!

Sarah: Oh, tsutomu and I spent the whole month advertising the play. Also, your friend did a lot of work, too.

Monica: You mean Cathy? Oh, how lucky I am to have such great people around me!

Sarah: Easy, Aunt Monica. Now you have to show them it was worth it.

Monica: Of course. Just you watch!

Tsutomu: OK, I’m going to dim the house lights.

Monica: Let’s do it.

Q. Who helped advertise the play?
A. Sarah, Tsutomu, and Cathy.


Wed. The crowd gave you a standing ovation!

Sarah: Aunt Monica..that was amazing! The crowd gave you a standing ovation!

Tsutomu: I can see why you performed at the Guthrie!

Monica:Thank you both so much ! I’ m really glad to I decided to get back into

Cathy: Monica!

Monica: Cathy!

Cathy: You were right. You still got it.

Monica: Thank you so much, Cathy. This is my niece, Sarah. She’ll start attending Macalester in the fall.

Cathy: Such a pleasure to meet you, Sarah. It’s so nice for you and your friend to use your spring breaks to help Monica.

Sarah: Thank you, Cathy, but he’s not my friend. He’s my boyfriend.

Cathy: Well,well. Nice to meet you, boyfriend.

Tsutomu: Thanks!

Q. How does Sarah introduce Tsutomu to Cathy?
A. “He’s my boyfriend.”

Thu. It certainly was a dramatic winter

Amber: That was a really fast spring break.

Jose: Yeah, tomorrow, it’s back to school. Two more months to go.

Pa: Only once did I even think of graduation. Now, I can’t think of anything

Amirr: It means we’ve all been having fun.

Sarah: Let’s really make these last couple months count, guys.
Oh! It’s time for “Minnesota Prairie” ! Let’s listen, everyone!

Gary: Good evening, folks. This is Gary Keller. Welcome to the final winter
edition of “Minnesota Prairie”. It certainly was a dramatic winter. I hope
you are now ready for spring. We will continue staying on the air, so stick

Q. What does Gray say about the winter?
A. It was dramatic.

Let’s try chunk practice

(Whyで)~したらどう? Why don’t we ..?

なんて幸運なんだろう!  How lucky I am!

話し始める  start talking

そのときはじめて~をわかった only then did I realize ..

Let’s try and check CAN-DO and GRAMMAR points.

Only once did I hear from David.

Once she starts talking, she never stops.

Why don’t we have a quick cup of coffee?

How lucky we are to have a chance to visit your country!


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