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基礎英語3 Review 09 Why tennis? なんでテニスの試合なのさ?

Let’s Summarize

Listen to this week’s stories and fill in the blanks.

Lesson 033 The winner gets to learn English from David

Sho: Hi, Miki.

Miki: Hi, Sho.

Sho: So will David teach you English?

Miki: I hope so will. I’m waiting for him to say yes.

Sho: Look. I’d like to learn English from David, too. But he said he didn’t have time to teach both of us.

Miki: I asked him first.

Sho: I know, but…you’re already learning English in cram school.

Miki: Yes, but David is American. I want to learn from a native speaker.

Sho: OK, how about this? We will have a tennis match. The winner gets to learn English from David.

Miki: You know I’m on the tennis team, right?


Lesson 033 Summary

Sho and Miki (             )(             ) to learn English from David.
But David doesn’t have time to teach both of them.
So, Sho says to Miki, “We will have a tennis match. The winner gets to learn English from David.”

解答例: would、like


Lesson 034 Why tennis?

Miki: Let’s play next Sunday. We can use the tennis court at my family’s hotel.

Sho: You’re on!

Yota: Hey, Sho and Miki! I’m feeling great today! How about…what’s going on?

Miki: We’re going to have a tennis match next Sunday.

Yota: Tennis?

Sho: It’s about Miki and David.

Yota: Why tennis?

Sho: Because Miki can’t play the wadaiko.

Yota: Well, yeah, but…

Miki: What are you two talking about?

Yota: Nothing.

Miki: Come on. You can tell me.

Yota: Fine. I told Sho he’s not very smart.

Sho: Hey!


Lesson 034 Summary

Miki says to Yota, “We’re going to have a tennis match next Sunday.”
Yota thinks it’s a bad idea.
Miki asks, “What are you two talking about?”
Yota says, “I (             )(                 ) he’s not very smart.

解答例: told、Sho



Lesson 035 Every game needs a referee

Sho: Yota?! Don’t you have soccer practice?

Miki: I asked him to referee.

Yota: Every game needs a referee, Sho.

Miki: I know Yota will do a good job. He is fair.

Yota: If you get four points, you win a game. You will play up to five games. The first player to win three games wins the match.

Miki: You can serve first, Sho.

Sho: Be careful, Miki. I’m a very fast runner.

Miki: Tennis is not just about running, Sho.

Yota: Play ball!

Sho: You don’t say “play ball” in tennis, Yota.

Yota: Actually, you do in soft tennis.

Miki: Wow! You sure know alot, Yota.

Sho: Ugh. Here I go!


Lesson 035 Summary

Miki asked Yota to referee the tennis match.
Yota explains, “If you get four points, you win a game. You will play up to five games.
The first (         )(          ) win three games wins the match.”

解答例: player、to


Lesson 036 Miki and I will play by the same rules

Miki: Sho, you have to hit the ball into the court! This isn’t baseball.

Yota: come on, Sho! You can do it!

Miki: You’re the referee, Yota! Don’t take sides.

Yota: Sorry, Miki.

Miki: My serve.
         Sho, what are you doing?

Sho: I’m trying to find the ball. Where is it?

Miki: It’s way behind you, by the chain-link fence.

Yota: Miki, this isn’t fair for Sho. Can he win the match if he wins one game?

Sho: No, Yota! Miki and I will play by the same rules.

Miki: Sho….


Lesson 036 Summary

Sho is powerless against Miki.
She hits the ball, and he can’t find it.
It’s way (           ) him, (           ) the chain-link fence.
Yota wants to change the rules, but Sho says, “No, Yota!”

解答例: behind、by


Let’s Try Get It Right Review

Let’s try and check CAN-DO and GRAMMAR points.

We would like to eat ice cream.

You told me you were on a diet.

The first person to get to the top can eat ice cream.

It’s on the tree, between the branches.


Progress Portfolio


Mr. Smith told us he could speak French, too.

My mother told me the skirt was too expensive.

She’s way behind you.

He’s just in front of you, under the table.

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