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基礎英語3 夏期復習月間 Review 10 Sho will learn English together with me

Let’s Summarize

Listen to this week’s stories and fill in the blanks.

Lesson 037 I will teach your daughter English

Mimiko: David, welcome to our home! This is Miki’s father, Masao.

David: Nice to meet you, Masao. I will teach your doughter English.

Masao: She’ll be home soon. Have you ever been to Japan before?

David: Yes, twice. I was writing for a travel magazine.

Masao: Did you see anything you like?

David: Onomichi. Did you know old Japanese mvies were filmed there? I love old Japanese movies!

Masao: Great. How did you find out about this town?

David: My friend recommended it to me. It seems like a beautiful town.

Miki: I’m home!


Lesson 037 Summary

Mimiko introduces David to Miki’s father, Masao.
David has been to Japan twice to write for a travel magazine.
Masao asks him, “Did you see (          ) (          ) like?”
David says, “Onomichi.”
He loves old Japanese movies.

解答例: anything、you


Lesson 038 Sho will learn English together with me

Miki: Hi, Daddy! Sho will learn English together with me.

David: Huh?

Sho: Hi, Mr. Sakura.

Masao: You’ve grown, Sho! Last year, you were shorter than Miki.

Miki: His attitude has grown, too.

Masao: Hah! I’ll go back to the hotel. David, please show me your pictures of our town next time.

David: I would love to.

Masao: You two study hard, OK? You can use this room.

Miki: David, could you do me a favor? Sho wants to learn English, too. Can we learn English together?

David: Sure. No problem.

Sho: That was easy.

David: Shall we get started?

Sho&Miki: OK!


Lesson 038 Summary

Sho and Miki go to Miki’s house.
She asks David, “(               ) you (        ) me a favor? Can we learn English together?”
David accepts, and says, “Shall we get started?”

解答例: could、do



Lesson 039 I want to be an international citizen

David: Miki, you want to learn English for studying abroad. What about you, Sho?

Sho: Um…well….

Miki: Sho, you charenged me to a tennis match, even though you can’t play. I’m sure you have strong feelings about learning English.

David: Tennis match?

Miki: I won the match, but I lost to Sho’s passion. So, I decided he could study with me. Well, Sho?

Sho: I…I want to be an international citizen.

Miki: Sorry? I can’t quite follow you.

Sho: I want to do a lot of things around the world.

Miki: I didn’t know you were so ambitious!

Sho: Me, neither.


Lesson 039 Summary

David asks Sho why he wants to learn English.
Sho says he wants to be an international citizen.
Miki says, “(             )? I (          ) quite follow you.”
Sho explains, “I want to do a lot of things around the world.”

解答例: Sorry、can’t


Lesson 040 I will take some more pictures

David: That’s it for today. Next time, please teach me about this town.

Miki: This town?

David: Yes. I want to explore more places and take more pictures.

—–Somebody knocked at the door.—–

Miki: Come in.

Mimiko: Did you finish the lesson?

David: Good evening, Mimiko.

Mimiko: Good evening, Mr. Handsome. If you are finished, would you like to have some dinner?

David: I’d love to, but I have to prepare for tomorrow. I will take some more pictures.

Mimiko: How about you, Sho?

Sho: I’m sorry, but I think my grandmother is here to pick me up.

Yoko: Howdy!


Lesson 040 Summary

David, Miki, and Sho finish their first lesson.
David wants to explore more places in the town and take more pictures.
Mimiko asks David, ” (           ) you(           ) to have some dinner?”
But David has to prepare for tomorrow.

解答例: Would、like


Let’s Try Get It Right Review

Let’s try and check CAN-DO and GRAMMAR points.

Is there anything I can do for you?

Could you stay here for a while?

Sorry? I can’t hear you!

Would you like to try these on?


Progress Portfolio



Would you like to join us?

Would you like to go out with me?


Could you do me a favor?

Could you tell me the way to the station?

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