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基礎英語3 Review 14 So cheer her up

Let’s Summarize

Listen to this week’s stories and fill in the blanks.

Lesson 053 Congratulations on winning the regional soccer tournament!

Yota: What is this special summer burger?

Server: It’s a kind of burger which you can find in Hawaii. It contains a special chili sauce.

Sho: Is the chili sauce spicy?

Server: Oh, yeah!

Sho: I’ll pass. Spicy isn’t for me. What is this coffee lemonade?

Server: It’s a cocktail which mixed iced coffee with our original lemonade.

Yota: Cool! I’ll have the special summer burger and the coffee lemonade, please.

Sho: A regular burger and a lemonade for me, please.

Server: You got it!

Sho: Oh, congratulations on winning the regional soccer tournament, Yota!

Yota: Thanks! How are the English lessons with Miki and David going?

Sho: I’ll tell you while we eat.

Lesson 053 Summary

Yoko and Sho are at a hamburger shop.
Yota orders the special summer burger.
It’s a kind of (   )(   ) you can find in Hawaii.
Yota also has the coffee lemonade.
Sho has a regular lemonade.

解答例: burger  which


Lesson 054 So cheer her up

Sho: Don’t laugh, Yota!

Yota: “I want to become an international citizen?” I’m sure nobody expected you to say that.

Sho: Miki said she would support me.

Yota: Well, good for you.

Sho: Come on Yota!

Yota: OK, let me see…how about this? Tell Miki, “I don’t want you to get close to any other boy. I like you! Please be my girlfriend!”

Sho: I can’t say that! Miki herself said she has no time for love.

Yota: If you think that way, Miki will never know you like her. Listen, her team just lose the regional playoffs, so cheer her up. Start from there.

Sho: OK. I can do that.


Lesson 054 Summary

Yota laughs at Sho because he wants to become an international citizen.
He (  ) Sho ( ) tell Miki, “ I don’t want you to get close to any other boy.”
Sho doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

解答例: wants to



Lesson 055 I want to try it on, too!

Miki: How about this checkered dress?

Mimiko: No, it’s too plain.

Miki: Grandma, I’m buying a dress for study camp. I’m not looking for anything flashy.

          Execuse me.

Sales Clerk: Yes?

Miki: Do you have this dress in any other color?

Sales Clerk: We have pink and purple. Which do you like better?

Miki: I prefer pink. Let me try it on. 
         What do you think?

Mimiko: Do you have a smaller one?

Miki: This size is perfect, Grandma.

Mimiko: I know, but I want to try it on, too!


Lesson 055 Summary

Miki is looking for a summer dress.
The sales Clerk tells her they have a pink dress and a purple dress.
Miki says, “ I prefer pink.”
Mimiko wants to try on the same dress, so she asks, “ Do you (  ) a (  ) one?”

解答例: have smaller


Lesson 056 I will win in my exams!

Miki: Grandma. Let’s get some hamburgers for dinner tonight.

Mimiko: Sounds good. Let’s go here. I hear the hamburgers are very good.


Mimiko: Isn’t that Sho in the back?

Miki: Yes, and Yota! Hi, guys!

Sho&Yota: Hey, Miki.

Miki: Grandma, this is Yota. His team just won the regional soccer tournament.

Mimiko: Lovely! I like watching soccer games and cheering from the stands. I hope you play for the national team!

Yota: Thank you! Remenber. Cheer her up.

Sho: I know. Uh… Miki. Sorry to hear about your loss.

Miki: That’s OK. I lost in tennis, but I will win in my exams!

Sho: She didn’t even need cheering up. Now what?


Lesson 056 Summary

Miki and Mimiko meet Sho and Yota at a hamburger shop.
Mimiko learns Yota’s soccer team just won the regional tournament.
She says, “ I (  )(   ) soccer games and cheering from the stands.”

解答例: like  watching

Let’s Try Get It Right Review

Let’s try and check CAN-DO and GRAMMAR points.

It’s a kind of bird which you can only see in Africa.

want him to dance to the music.

Do you have this bird in any other color?

I don’t like working in this costume.


Progress Portfolio



My father likes making special dishes for his family.

like riding a bicycle and feeling the cool wind in the morning.




Senbei is a kind of snack which is made from rice.

Yukata is a traditional costume which people wear during the summer.


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