基礎英語3 夏期復習月間 Review 08 I want David to teach me English, too.

Let’s Summarize

Listen to this week’s stories and fill in the blanks.

Lesson 029 She’s a childhood friend

Farmer: Just a few more seedlings to go! Do your best, everyone!

Everyone: Yes, sir!

David: I can’t believe these small seedlings become rice by the fall! Walking in the mud is fun as well. Sho, let’s also participate in the fall’s rice harvesting tour!

Sho: Uh…yeah.

David: Hey, look over there. Is that girl waving at you?

Sho: Where?

David: Right next to your father. She seems energetic and spirited!

Sho: Ah, Miki.

David: Miki?

Sho: Yes. She’s my classmate.

David: Is she your girlfriend?

Sho: No. She’s a childhood friend.

Lesson 029 Summary

David enjoyed planting rice seedlings, but Sho did not.
Miki waves at Sho.
(           ) (            ) and spirited.
David asks, “Is she your girlfriend?”
Sho says, ” She’s my childhood friend.”

解答例: seems、energetic


Lesson 030 Where in America are you from?

Sho: David, this is Miki.

David: Nice to meet you, Miki.

Sho: Miki, this is David.

Miki: Nice to meet you, David. Um…can you teach me English? When I go to high school, I want to study abroad in America.

Sho: Ah, so Miki wanted to learn English.

David: Sure, I can do that. Have you ever been to America?

Miki: I’ve been to Hawaii twice with my family. Where in America are you from?

David: Chicago. It’s in the middle of America. It’s a beautiful city of art and culture.

Miki: David, please come and stay at the Oasam Hotel! You can even stay for free!

Sho: What?!

Lesson 030 Summary

Miki asks David to teach her English, because she wants to study abroad in America.
She has (           ) to Hawaii  (              ) .
She offers him a room at her family’s hotel.
She says he can even stay for free.

解答例: been、twice



Lesson 031 Let’s go to the new hamburger shop near the station

Sho: …and she said, “You can even stay for free.” What do you think?

Yota: Can we get something to eat? I can’t give advice on an empty stomach.

Sho: OK. Let’s go to the new hamburger shop near the station.

Yota: Great!


Server: Are you ready to order?

Yota: Yes. I’ll have a hamburger and an orange juice, please.

Sho: Can I have medium fries and an apple juice, please?

Server: Sure. Just a moment.

Yota: Make sure David doesn’t stay at the Oasam Hotel. Keep him at your ryokan.

Server: Here you are.

Sho: Yota, have my fries. I’m not hungry anymore.

Lesson 031 Summary

Sho wants Yota’s advice, but Yota is hungry.
So, before Yota answers, they decide to go to a new hamburger shop.
Yota says, “(         )(          ) a hamburger and an orange juice, please.”
She says, “(              ) I have (                ) fries and an apple juice, please?”

解答例: I’ll、have, Can, medium

Lesson 032 I want David to teach me English, too.

Sho: Grandma, I need to talk to you.

Yoko: What is it? I’ve already given you your pocket money for this month.

Sho: No, it’s something else. Did you hear that David is thinking of moving out of here, and into the Oasam Hotel?

Yoko: Really? I haven’t heard anything.

Sho: Miki wants David to teach her English. She said he could stay at the hotel for free.

Yoko: What? I knew it! You can’t trust anyone in Mimiko’s family!

Sho: No, Grandma. Miki is a good girl.

Yoko: Is that so?

Sho: Well, I want David to teach me English, too.

Yoko: Great! But he still pays.

Sho: Aw, come on, Grandma!

Lesson 032 Summary

Sho asks Yoko, “Did you (        )  (      ) David is thinking of moving out of here?”
Miki is offering David to stay at the Oasam Hotel for free.
Yoko is upset, but Sho tells her, “Miki is a good girl.”

解答例: hear、that


Let’s Try Get It Right Review

Let’s try and check CAN-DO and GRAMMAR points.

This restaurant seems very nice.

Have you ever been here before?

I’ ll have the spaghetti with meat sauce, please.

Did you know that this would be so difficult to eat?


Progress Portfolio


Our new classmate seems nice.

These eco-friendly bags seem cheap and useful.

Have you ever been to Ueno Zoo?

I have been there many times.

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