Review 43 Time flies when you’re having fun 楽しいときは時間が過ぎるのが早いわ

My mind is set

Sarah: Is this weird?
Tstomu: Holding hands? No, It’s natural.
Amber: Hey, guys! Wait up!
Tsutomu: Uh-oh.
Sarah: Hey, Amber.
Amber: Sarah…sorry. I was sorry for making you feel sad when I said I liked Tsutomu.
I didn’t know you liked each other. In the future, just tell me if you like someone, OK?
Sarah: Thank you, Amber, I will. So, how’s your manga going?
Amber: It’s done! The plan is to go to Japan after it wins a prize, but even if it doesn’t win, 
I’m still going after graduation. My mind is set!
Tsutomu: Good for you, Amber! I’m sure you’ll have a great time there.
Amber: Of course! It’s Japan.

Q1: How was Amber’s manga going?
A1: It’s done.

You’re the best person for the job

Tsutomu: Hi, Grace!
Grace: Hey, Tsutomu. Have a seat. I want to talk to you about something.
Tsutomu: What’s up.
Grace: As you know, I’ll be graduating in June, so someone else will have to be incharge of CPHS. Tsutomu, I want to ask you to take over for me.
Tsutomu: Me? But I’ve only been here for six months.
Grace: And you’ve improved considerably since then. You’re actually the only one besides me who takes this seriously. That means you are the best person for the job. What do you say?
Tsutomu: I’d love to ! Thanks, Grace!
Grace: Great! Now, let’s talk about tomorrow’s report.

Q: Why does Grace think Tsutomu is the best person for the job?
A: He is the only one who takes it seriously.

That means so much coming from you

Gary: Hello? Keller residence.
Tsutomu: Hi, Gary!
Gary: Tsutomu! Monica told me you’ll be helping with her play. Thank you so
Much for doing this. It means so much to her.
Tsutomu: It’s my pleasure, Gary! Also, I wanted to let you know that I’ll be in
charge of our school’s radio station next year!
Gary: After only six months? That’s wonderful, Tsutomu! If Grace picked you,
it’s because she sees greatness in you. Tsutomu, in my humble opinion,
your career will be longer than the Missisippi River!
Tsutomu: Thank you, Gary! That means so much coming from you. I’ll do my best!
Gary: I’m sure you will.

Q: Why does Gary think Grace picks Tsutomu?
A: Because she sees greatness in him.

Time flies when you’re having fun

Mr.Rowland: Good morning, class! Just like that, We’ve already reached your final spring break as high schoolers. By the time we reach June, You will all become high school graduates.
Sarah: What a year it’s been! Time flies when you’re having fun.
Amirr: Yeah, at this rate we’re all going to get old really fast.
Amber: I can’t believe in just a few months, I’ll be going to Japan!
Jose: I can’t believe I’ll be playing college baseball.
Pa: I can’t believe the Pov Pobs will have their first live concert.
Mr.Rowland: You’ve all done so much! That makes me one proud teacher.
Everyone: Thank you, Mr. Rowland!

Q: What does Mr. Roland say to his students at the end?
A: That makes me one proud teacher.


Let’s try chunk practice

The plan is to …

The important thing is to …

ask you to help

ask him to come

In my opinion … 

by the time …

every time …

Let’s try and check CAN-DO and GRAMMAR points.

Do you know what he asked us to do?

Cherry blossoms will begin to bloom by the time you leave the hospital.

In my opinion, what he says is not reliable.

The plan is to become a lawyer after graduating from university.

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