Review 42 I got the scholarship! 奨学金を手に入れたよ!


Lesson 165 Who said that? それはだれが言ったのですか?

Amiir: Morning, Mr.Rowland!

Mr. Rowland: Morning, Amirr! I heard that your parents have allowed you to do comedy. Congratulations!

Amiir: Yes ! And also, guess what?

Mr. Rowland: What?

Amiir: I just got accepted to the St. Paul College of Computer Engineering. However, my dad has allowed me to take a gap year to try comedy first.

Mr. Rowland: That’s wonderful!

Amiir: Yeah! I know my dad loves me, but in the end, comedy is where my passion lies, and I have to follow my passion. As a wise person once said, “ Why make someone else’s dreams come true?”

Mr. Rowland: Who said that?

Amiir: Er… I don’t know. But that person was obviously very wise!

Q: Where has Amiir been accepted to?
A: The St. Paul College of Computer Engineering.

Lesson 166 You certainly are a man of many talents 本当に多才な人なのね

Monica: Hello?

Tsutomu: Hi, Monica!
Monica: Hi, Tsutomu! What a pleasure to hear from you! Would you like to talk to Sarah?

Tsutomu: Actually, I wanted to talk to you.

Monica: Oh?

Tsutomu: Sarah told me you’re performing your own play in two weeks’ time.Do you need someone to help with lights and sound?

Monica: Actually, I do, but it’s a lot to remember.

Tsutomu: Don’t worry. One of my hobbies is playing with light and sound equipment. In fact, I helped out with lights and sound at my previous school.

Monica: You certainly are a man of many talents. I’d be honored if you could help, Tsutomu!

Tsutomu: Great!

Q: What did Tsutomu do at his previous school?
A: He helped out with lights and sound.

Lesson 167 I got the scholarship! 奨学金を手に入れたよ!

Pa: Jose. Hey, Jose.

Jose: Hey, Pa. The scout just called, and …I got the scholarship!
Pa: You did?! That’s amazing ! Did you tell Monzong?

Jose: Not yet. I wanted to tell you first. Listen, Pa. I know I’ll be going to a different state from August, but look. I love you. That’s a fact. So, I don’t know what will happen to us once I go, but I know until then, that I want to be with you as much as possible.

Pa: Jose… me, too.

Jose: Great! Are you doing anything this week end? I’d like to take you for a drive along the Mississippi.

Pa: I’d love to go, Jose.

Q: When will Jose be going to college?
A: August.

Lesson 168 Could it be … それってもしかして・・・

Sarah: I’m home!

Monica: Hi, hon, Look at what I found in the mail.

Sarah: What? A letter from Macalester College? Could it be …

Monica: Open it.

Sarah: I got accepted to Macalester College with a full scholarship!

Monica: That’s wonderful, sweetheart! I’m so proud of you !

Sarah: I ‘ve always wanted to go to Macalester, but never did I dream of getting a full scholarship from them !

Monica: I see this as a sign that my play is going to be a huge success!

Sarh: Totally, Aunt Monica!

Gary: I’m home! Why are you two hugging?

Monica: Sarah got a full scholar ship to attend Macalester College!

Gary: Way to go, Sarah!

Q: Why are Sala and Monica hugging?
A: Because Sala got a full scholarship.


Chunk Practice

I thought~、but …

I know~, but …

I need someone to talk to me.

I need someone to help me.

take you for a drive

take me for a walk

Never will I forget …

Can-Do and Grammar points

I know your point. But I can’t accept that.

Never did I expect to see you here.

I ‘ll take you for a ride on the train next Saturday.

My grandma needs someone to talk with her.

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