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ラジオ英会話 Lesson 060 今週のREVIEW

Lesson 056 現在完了進行形

Michell: John! What a coincidence!

John: Oh!Hi, Michell. You shop at this mall too?

Michell: Yeah, sometimes. Are you by yourself?

John: No, I’m with my wife. We’ve been shopping all afternoon, so I told her I needed a coffee break.

Michell: My husband is just like you. He hates shopping.

John: No, actually I like shopping. But we shop for different things.

Michell: Oh, I see. Anyway, see you at work on Monday.

John: Sure. Have a nice weekend, Michelle.

Michell: Thanks. You too.

Pick-Up Phrases

We’ve been shopping all afternoon.


Lesson 057 過去完了形

Jasmine: Hi. Tyler. How was your weekend?

Tyler: It was fun. I went for a bike ride on Sunday.

Jasmine: You like to exercise, huh?

Tyler: That’s right, but on Saturday night I vas lazy and just watched a movie at home.

Jasmine: Oh, yeah? Which movie?

Tyler: The Da Vinci Code.

Jasmine: Ah, I’ve seen that movie. I was surprised by the ending.

Tyler: Actually, I knew the ending already because I had read the book. But I still really enjoyed the movie.

Pick-Up Phrases

I knew the ending already because I had read the book.


Lesson 058 未来完了形

Martin: Brianna, is the report ready? Remember, the deadline is 2 o’clock this afternoon.

Brianna: Don’t worry, Martin. I will have finished it all by then.

Martin: OK. I just wanted to check it first to make sure there are no typos.

Brianna: I’m proofreading the entire report right now.

Martin: Oh, OK. Thanks. I know I can always rely on you to do a good job.

Brianna: I do my best.

Pick-Up Phrases

I will have finished it all by then.


Lesson 059 時制の一致

Yuina: Wow, that was a really exciting match!

James: It sure was. I was on the edge of my seat during most of the game.

Yuina: Me too. And especially when the referee gave the other team a penalty in the last minute.

James: Oh, my gosh! But did you hear the noise when our goalkeeper saved it?Unbelievable.

Yuina: Yeah, I thought the keeper was brilliant today.

James: Right! We won the game because of him. He was awesome!


Pick-Up Phrases

I thought the keeper was brilliant today.







talk / negotiate :  話す/交渉する
client :  顧客
all morning : 午前中ずっと
finish : 終える
promise : 約束する


1 I’m sorry, but I have been talking with my clients all morning.
2 I’ll have finished the report by 3 p.m.
3 I promise!


1 I’m sorry, but I have been talking with my clients all morning.

現在完了進行形。午前中ずっと talking, talking, talking,…だったのです。
client は「顧客」。今回は複数形になっていますね。

2 I’ll have finished the report by 3 p.m.

未来完了形。「未来のある時点までに」です。ここではby 3 p.m.(3時までに)に焦点があります。by は「期限」を表す前置詞でしたね。

3 I promise!



1  I’m really sorry, boss, but I’ve been negotiating with important clients all morning.
2  I’ll have completed it by 3 p.m. at the latest. 
3  You can  me,


1  I’m really sorry, but .全体を是非覚えてください。but.. 以降は negotiate (交渉する)を使った現在完了進行形です。

2 ここは at the latest (最も遅くても)がポイント 。しっかり期限を示して信頼を取ろうとしています。 complete は「完成させる」。これも覚えましょう。

3 最後の文で count on ~ は 「~に頼る」。 count (数える)は、「頼ることが出来る人間として数えることが出来る」という意味で使われています。on は「支える」イメージ。me   you を支えるというニュアンスです。

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