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ラジオ英会話 Lesson 145 今週のREVIEW

Lesson 141 過去分詞① 名詞の修飾

Celia: Have you heard the news?

Zach: No, what news?

Celia: Someone broke into Jason’s house last night.

Zach: Oh, that’s scary. Is he all right?

Celia: Yeah, he’s OK because he was away on a business trip.

Zach: Well, did the thief steal anything?

Celia: Yeah, but the things stolen were not so valuable.

Zach: What were they?

Celia: Three cups of yogurt that were in the refrigerator. Jason eats yogurt every morning.

Zach: A yogurt thief? How weird!

Celia: It really is.

Pick-Up Phrases

Lesson 142 過去分詞② さまざまな修飾

Andrewa: Gina, you’re from San Francisco, right?

Ginah: I was born in a suburb of San Francisco, but I lived in the city center after I graduated from college.

Andrewa: It’s a big and exciting city, isn’t it?

Ginah: Well, compared to Tokyo, San Francisco is a small city. I think Tokyo has more places to see.

Andrewa: Tokyo is a convenient city, but sometimes I get tired of the crowds. And the weather can be extreame at times.

Ginah: San Francisco has a milder climate than Tokyo. But even in the summer it can get cold at night.

Lesson 143 受動態① 受動態の基本

Kevin: I hear you had a wonderful time in Mexico.

Barbara: Yes, it was a fabulous trip.

Kevin: Where exactly did you go?

Barbara: We went to the Yucatan Peninsula. Would you like to see some photos?

Kevin: Absolutely!

Barbara: These are Mayan ruins. I’m very interested in Mayan culture.

Kevin: They’re amazing. Wow! Look at the color of the sea. And the sea turtles.

Barbara: Aren’t they beautiful? You can swim right next to them.

Kevin: I’d love to do that. Your photos are really high quality.

Barbara: Well, that’s because all the photos were taken by my boyfriend. He’s a professional photographer .

Kevin: Ah, that’s why.


Lesson 144 受動態② 受動態と時表現・助動詞

Anita: What’s your plan for New Year’s Eve?

Darren: Well, my wife and I have been invited to Hiro’s New Year’s Eve party.

Anita: Oh, really! He invited me, too. I hear he has invited over 150 people.

Darren: Wow, that’s a lot. I wonder why he’s going to hold such a big party.

Anita: He was impressed with a big New Year’s Eve party in New York when he went there five years ago. Since then, it’s been his dream to have a huge party with 500 people here in Japan someday.

Darren: Sounds like a movie!







apartment : この部屋,世帯用の部屋
surrounded by :



過去分詞を使った分詞構文。this apartment is great を surrounded by… 「~に囲まれて」で説明します。



compared to the one 「アパートに比べると」。 one は apartment の繰り返しを避けるための代用表現。the one に関係代名詞節 we live in now(今住んでいる、ね)が説明を加えています。






the apartments being built here は名詞の後ろに受動態の進行形が並べられた難易度高い形「いま 建てられている」。文全体は situate(位置づける)の過去分詞 situated(位置している)を使ったこと分詞構文「~に位置づけられていて」。



less は little の比較級「より程度が低い」ことを表す、more と対になる表現。less spacious で「より spacious ではない」。



all things considered は「総合的に考えると・いろいろ考え合わせると」。「all things が consider されると」と文的な内容持ったフレーズ。まとめて覚えましょう。


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