Listen For It!,February Week 2 Announcement

 Listen For It!,February Week 2 Announcement

Listen For It!

Man: Severe winter storms have brought Power outages. to the Red Rock area. The outages were caused by . Twenty-five hundred. residents have been affected by the outages, and the Parkway Electric Company has sent out crews this morning to restore power.

Woman: Traffic lights in the Red Rock area are not working at the moment; please drive with caution. Power is expected to be restored by 4:30 this afternoon. As a safety reminder, residents should not touch or drive over any fallen power lines. If you see a downed power line, please call Parkway Electric Company at 1-800-PARKWAY.




severe storm 暴風雨
power outage 停電
power line 送電線
resident 住民
be affected 影響を受ける
crew チーム、クルー
restore power 電力を復旧させる
at the moment 現在
drive with caution 慎重に運転する
safety reminder 安全のための注意
downed 落下した

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